SMGL’s gemstone jewelry wholesale stones are mined differently. Gemstones are one of the few gems with a constant supply. However, the Gemstone industry has led the public to believe that Gemstones are extremely rare. In fact, there are gems of a much more unusual color than Gemstones. The size of the sapphire has a positive effect on the price compared to smaller stones of similar properties. Below is a breakdown of what to expect in a particular carat size range.

In addition, SMGL’s gemstone jewelry wholesale 3D modeling greatly expands the modeling capabilities. Jewelry designers can constantly change shapes and elements with new and exciting models. Finally, Master Jewelers polish their products, and Jewelers supply the gems. Computer modeling of jewelry does not exclude the work of jewelers.

It is a great tool throughout the process, where the designer's artistic vision is not final. This is still a very important factor. Natural and synthetic materials may share similar properties but have significant differences. The main difference is the shortage. Natural gemstones usually take millions of years to form. In addition, many argue that natural stone has an aesthetic quality not found in mass-produced materials.


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